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Combo Offer : Solar + AirCon + Heat Pump

Upfront Cost

There is $0 upfront cost for applying this combo offer

Min Monthly Cost

Monthly this offer starts from only $39/week

More Saving

This combo offer will help in saving yearly on all three products

Heat Pump

Heat-pump hot water systems operate through a refrigeration process that extracts heat from the surrounding air. This heat is then transferred through a heat exchanger to warm water stored in an insulated tank. In comparison to traditional electric hot water systems, these units typically consume about 60 to 75% less electricity. The efficiency is achieved by using electricity to power the heat pump, rather than directly heating the water through an element.

Similar to solar water heaters, heat-pump hot water systems capture heat from the air, which ultimately originates from the sun. Unlike solar counterparts, they do not have an electric or gas boosting system. However, their operation involves the use of electricity for the evaporator fan and compressor during the water heating process.

Typically, heat-pump water heaters come as a single integrated unit installed outdoors on the ground. Alternatively, the system may be divided into the heat-pump unit, positioned outside, and a storage tank, which can be installed either indoors or outdoors. This configuration offers an advantage over solar water heaters, as there is no need for collector panels on the roof, simplifying the installation process. It’s crucial to install them in well-ventilated areas, ensuring they have continuous access to ambient air for efficient operation.


Highly Efficient

Produces significantly more heat energy than the power input; saving on purchased energy

Tank-Wrapped Condenser Coil

For efficient heat transfer & preventing water contamination

Auto Disinfection

Periodically heating the water beyond its set temp to prevent the growth of bacteria and legionella

Built in Frost Protection

This feature integrated into a system to prevent damage caused by freezing temperatures.

Wide Operating Range

This capability enhances adaptability and performance, allowing the system to remain functional and efficient.

Low Operating Noise

Minimal sound produced during the operation

Solar For Your Need

Investing in residential solar panels is a smart decision. Not only does it promise long-term cost savings, but it also represents an eco-friendly choice that minimizes your carbon footprint.

Our team of professionals is well-versed in the latest solar technology, ensuring that all our products comply with Australian standards. We are dedicated to helping you select the most suitable system for your home by considering your unique energy requirements. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we guide you through the entire process, recognizing the individuality of each home.

Small House
  • 5 KV System
  • 14 X 37 Tier 1 Mono
  • 4 KV Inverter
  • 6.6 KV System
  • 16 X 415 Tier 1 Mono panels
  • 5 KV Inverter

Split System

As the summer months approach, a well-functioning air conditioning system becomes a vital necessity. The comfort provided by a properly maintained AC unit during high temperatures is priceless for homeowners. In commercial settings, these systems play a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of employees, visitors, and customers. At Energy Goals, we specialize in air conditioning systems throughout Victoria. Our commitment is to provide the latest AC units from reputable brands to meet diverse needs.

Our experienced professionals are dedicated to assisting you in selecting the perfect unit that aligns with your requirements. Whether for commercial properties or homes, our services are tailored to accommodate all needs, taking into account your budget and unique specifications.

Functions & Features

Independent Dehumidification  |  Auto Deforsting  |  Mute Operations  |  Stream cool design  |  Golden Fin  |  Filter clean remind| Dual sweep  |  Compound Filter |  WIFI Control  |  Digital Display  |  Self Cleaning  |  2-way Draining

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