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Commercial Display Freezer

Enhance your commercial refrigeration with energy-efficient display cabinets

Switch to one of our top-rated energy-efficient commercial refrigerated display cabinets and pay for delivery and installation on your purchase as part of the VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrade Program). These energy-efficient models consume significantly less energy than older ones, helping you save on operational costs and allowing you to focus on growing your business.

The upgrade process is seamless, ensuring minimal downtime that won’t disrupt your operations, inconvenience customers, or affect the stock in your refrigerated display cabinets or storage facilities. Additionally, by taking advantage of government incentives available only in VEU, we are here to assist you in smoothly transitioning to more efficient technologies.

Refrigeration – Cold Rooms

Businesses can qualify for rebates by upgrading outdated cold room and refrigeration systems to more efficient technology

Refrigeration is a significant cost for some businesses. Older cold rooms and refrigeration units with inefficient refrigeration systems use more energy than those that use modern technologies in the refrigeration system. It’s possible to reduce these costs by upgrading to more efficient technology.


All Victorian businesses with an older cold room or those installing a new cold room are eligible to participate. Incentives are available for cold rooms that:

  • Store goods at temperatures below seven degrees Celsius
  • Operate below zero degrees Celsius (freezers)

Three scenarios qualify for cold room incentives:

  1. Installing an electronic expansion valve and compatible superheat controller
  2. Installing an efficient refrigeration system that includes at least three specified parts
  3. Installing a high-efficiency refrigeration system that includes all five specified parts

Additionally, all Victorian businesses with an older cool room, refrigerated display cabinet, or freezer are eligible to upgrade to more energy-efficient refrigeration fans.

Benefits of using new refrigeration units


Investing in these cabinets allows business owners to lower their energy bills and reduce long-term operating costs. Enhanced energy efficiency enables businesses to better manage their expenses and allocate resources to other critical areas.


By maintaining stable and consistent temperatures, these cabinets help preserve the freshness and quality of perishable products. This is particularly important for businesses handling food, beverages, and other temperature-sensitive items. Improved product quality can lead to higher customer satisfaction and increased repeat business.


Investing in a high-quality refrigerator display cabinet can result in long-term cost savings. By maintaining optimal temperatures and preserving product freshness, businesses can reduce waste and minimize financial losses due to spoiled inventory.


By displaying items in an organized and visually appealing way, business owners can improve the overall shopping experience, potentially boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

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