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High Power Solar - Commercial Solar System

Thanks to Solar Victoria, now small businesses can cover up to 50% of the cost of a commercial solar panel and reduce upfront cost of solar installation. State government has announced 15000 solar rebates which will be available over the period of next 3 years.  Click here to contact us for your no obligation quotation, one of our solar experts will contact you to discuss your needs.

Most businesses start operating with the sunrise and operate till the sun sets, having solar for your business ensures that you utilize the natural resource at its best.

Why To Install Commercial Solar Panel For Your Business?

Has future longevity

Reduce overhead business costs

Offers excellent tax benefits

Creates energy independence

It’s an investment with continuous financial and environmental returns

Why To Choose Us For Your Business?

Our solar expert possesses more than 8 years of industry experience.

“One size fits all not always work”, our solar experts will inspect your property and will tailor the quote that is best suitable for you.

We will explain the government rebate programme and advise you in preparing required documents.

Once your rebate application is approved, we will fix an installation date with our CEC accredited installer.

Our admin team will complete the post installation paperwork.

We will ensure that all our customers experience the same level of support after the installation.


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