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At High Power Solar, we’re more than just solar system installers. We’re a group of dedicated individuals who are passionate about making Victorians self-reliant in energy. Our ideology is centered around sustainability and environmental well-being, which is why we offer high-quality solar installation services to help you save on energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you’re looking for solar installers near me, want to know the solar panel installation cost, or need assistance with solar power installation or complete solar system installation, our team of certified solar panel installers has got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our solar installation cost and how we can help you achieve energy independence while caring for our planet.

Our Success Journey

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Lower Electricity Bill

Installing solar panels is a smart way to save on electricity bills. Generating free energy from the sun reduces reliance on grid electricity and cuts down costs.

Protect Environment

Solar power reduces dependence on nonrenewable sources, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and conserving finite resources.

Energy Independence

Switching to solar energy enables complete energy independence, providing reliable, sustainable power and cost savings.

Low CO2 Emission

Solar panels have a significantly smaller carbon footprint compared to coal-based electricity, reducing emissions and promoting sustainability.

Our Products

Battery Storage

Add a battery to your solar system for energy independence, cost savings, and reliable backup during blackouts. Store excess energy generated by solar panels to reduce reliance on grid electricity.

Residential Solar Systems

Our experts can help you plan and choose the best solar installation options to power your home, reduce carbon footprint and save on energy bills. Contact us today for more information.

Commercial Solar Systems

Switching to commercial solar power can generate free energy for your business, reducing reliance on grid electricity and saving on bills. Govt. rebates are available to offset upfront costs.

Our Google Reviews

01:28 23 Dec 22
Hi Hemant & team,Thank you for your getting solar set up at my place. It has been great experience. I recommend them as they are very efficient & professional. Continue the good work team & all the best.
Deepa AcharyaDeepa Acharya
01:23 20 Oct 22
“Hi Hemant,Thank you so much for all your work getting my solar set up. It has been a pleasure having you on board as it will always be mine intent to highly recommend you to anybody looking to go solar, looking for integrity and honesty in a tradesman.”Once again thank you very much.
Pranav MistryPranav Mistry
22:04 29 Aug 22
Excellent service, took them less than a week to install the solar panels. Very responsive and give clear answers for any queries we have. After sales service is also very good.
Ricky ChawlaRicky Chawla
01:29 15 Jun 22
Efficient and Effective, HP Solar team was very pateince with explanations of the whole process and were very customer service focused. It was recommended to my by a friend and was definitely worth it. I'd highly recommend them. Keep up the good work lads. Thank you
Amit RawatAmit Rawat
10:15 13 Jun 22
The High Power Solar team provided me with excellent service. The company was referred to me by a friend whose solar installation was completed by this company two years ago.Throughout the last two years, he has never encountered any issues, so he recommended me High power Solar and connected me with PK and Hemant. The information provided by the team convinced me to proceed with the installation. Post installation, the team followed up on a regular basis to check if the installation is working fine, which I appreciated.Thank you for the good work, and I would definitely recommend High Power Solar to my friends and colleagues.


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