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Victorian Energy Upgrade Program - Air Conditioning

Heating and cooling expenses can make up a substantial portion of your energy bills for both residential and commercial properties. In Victoria, households typically spend around $800 annually on heating alone, which can account for as much as a third of their total energy costs. Businesses often face even higher costs in this regard.

However, by upgrading to newer, more energy-efficient heating and cooling systems or investing in such systems for the first time, you can achieve significant reductions in both energy consumption and associated costs. This proactive approach not only helps lower your bills but also contributes to a more sustainable environment by reducing overall energy demand.

Our experienced professionals are dedicated to assisting you in selecting the perfect unit that aligns with your requirements. Whether for commercial properties or homes, our services are tailored to accommodate all needs, taking into account your budget and unique specifications.

Air Con Features


Make your home comfortable faster. The product uses an efficient compressor and smart design to allow for an effective strong flow of conditioned air for immediate comfort.


Our Aircon features High Density Filter technology, capable of removing up to 80% more dust and pollen from the air. Enjoy the refreshing experience of clean, purified air in your home.


Connect your Aircon to WiFi with the optional adapter and control the top-tier split-type air conditioner from anywhere using the mobile app.


Introducing the Next Generation of Eco-Friendly, Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling.Opt for a greener choice with our air conditioner.

Ducted Systems


Split design indoor unit with HSP duct, incorporating Aerostic technology for consistent airflow. The outdoor unit is optimized for efficiency, featuring a compact 7kw capacity and a safer design with dual fans.


Utilizing a Genetic Algorithm inverter for optimal performance and energy efficiency. Incorporating ECO energy-saving features, including an 8°C heating setpoint (FP) for enhanced comfort and efficiency.


Utilizing inner groove high-efficiency tubes in both indoor and outdoor units for superior performance. Enhanced by Prime Guard durability and a reliable R32 GMCC compressor refrigerant cooling system.


Introducing I-Clean Active Clean technology for continuous freshness. Enjoy the convenience of a color screen wireless network wired controller for dual control and centralized management, including remote access capabilities.

Our Process

Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program for heating and cooling is available to all households in Victoria, regardless of whether they are rented or owned. Renters can also benefit from this program by obtaining authorisation from their landlord to install a split system. This initiative not only helps homeowners and renters alike to improve their energy efficiency but also contributes to the overall reduction of energy consumption in Victoria.

Book a FREE CONSULTATION today to determine your eligibility for the most suitable product for your house or business.

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