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High Power Solar - Battery Storage

Some great reasons you may be thinking about adding a battery to your solar system are protection from blackouts, energy independence, and lower power bills. Attractive government rebates that slash thousands of dollars off the upfront cost make now a good time to add battery storage.

Our fully accredited battery experts can design and install all types of energy storage systems, from off-grid solutions to the very latest in grid-connect.

How does Battery Storage work?

A battery system installed with your solar panels allows you to store excess solar power instead of exporting it to the grid. You can use this energy in your home when the sun’s not shining, instead of buying power from the grid. Even in a power outage, the right battery can provide power to your home for hours or days when combined with solar.

Each solar system we install is ‘battery ready,’ meaning you can add storage now or wait until later.

Benefits Of Battery Storage

Energy When You Need

Blackout Protection



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